The Maker’s Art Project promotes the visual arts with a focused effort in continuing our cross cultural exchange initiatives with China & Korea. Art is a global language from which cultural exchange bridges are being built. We live between the U.S. (Humboldt, TN) and Northeast Asia in Yanji, China.

Our goal is to establish working studios in the U.S., China, and North Korea that serve as a venue for artists and artisans from their respected countries to visit and make artwork.

To date, we have a coal kiln in North Korea that is used to produce pottery and ceramic artworks in addition to other products that can serve other needs such as ceramic roofing tiles. Our interests are not geopolitical in nature whatsoever, but that which relates to forming friendships  with those who share interests in the arts and crafts.

coal kiln built in North Korea in 2014 as a cultural arts exchange initiative

Who are we?

Rob Alsobrook, MFA, BA– Dad, Artist, Carpenter, & Educator. Studied Art & Psychology with over 20 years in construction and close to 10 years in higher education.

Emily Alsobrook, MBA, BS– Mom & BusinessWoman. Studied Business, has started and managed a several businesses ranging from restaurants to property management, and ministerial administration.

Always on the lookout for great art and those that want to use it to build bridges with other cultures!